How Does Voicify Work?

Voicify is today the leader in the market for conversation experience control software that integrates voice, video, and multi-media optimized communication with unified infrastructure, easy application integration, and real-time application performance monitoring. A multi-media platform allows users to create a chatbot rich-media interactions, such as audio, video, images, text, and links. Voicify allows a business or organization to manage all communication processes from anywhere an Internet connection exists. It also allows a business to take advantage of cutting-edge capabilities that are becoming available in today’s marketplace. With Voicify’s multi-media capabilities and robust reporting capabilities, businesses can provide accurate reports, not only regarding call traffic but about its visitors and members as well.

Voice applications are tailored for each individual business. They are capable of managing and streamlining various areas of a business network. These include call forwarding, conferencing, auto-attendant, call distribution, call waiting, call routing, conference calls, and more. The technology used by Voicify reduces the need for multiple network administrators. It also provides the capability to route calls between extensions and allows customers to make calls to cellular phones using their cellular service.

The real-time network reporting provided by Voicify helps a business to gain a competitive advantage. It allows a business to monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of their internal networks and determine ways to improve their overall efficiencies. By enabling a business to view call activity from a variety of locations, it enables a business to see where and how calls are being routed within their own corporate network. This information also helps a business to identify bottlenecks within their own internal networks. The information provided by this application also allows a business to see that employees are using their time appropriately and to see if certain processes are being completed more efficiently.

Many businesses today are operating on a cash-only basis. When a business has a cash flow problem, a cash flow monitor is often used to determine when a business can resume normal operations. Voicify allows a business owner to configure an alert that sends a text message or email when certain activities take place. The application can notify management if employees are exceeding their work hours, when customers are taking too long to leave feedback, or when a cash shortage exists.

Voicify provides the ability to manage voicemail remotely. This remote setting allows a business owner to take a client call, forward it to a voicemail box on another computer, then monitor voicemail via Internet usage. This functionality allows business owners to handle client calls around the clock while maintaining high levels of customer service. This solution is especially useful for businesses operating in foreign countries. By providing an automated, scalable solution to business concerns, Voicify allows its users to grow their businesses without having to completely outsource customer service requirements.

In today’s economy, it’s important to find ways to reduce operating costs. Business owners should look to cut costs wherever possible, and the application does just that. By providing a solution for incoming phone calls, the application enables a business owner to reduce costs associated with high-priced commercial phone services. It also allows the business owner to reduce costs associated with long-distance calls, which can significantly impact business growth. Most Voicify customers do not require additional service or software upgrades to use the product. Instead, all that is required is the installation of the user interface, which is available for free through the company, and a high-speed Internet connection, so that business owners can begin using the new features immediately.