How to Check Google Position Ranking

The first thing you have to remember when trying to learn how to check Google position ranking for your website is that you will not get any kind of meaningful data from Google by checking it. That being said, there are still a couple things you can learn from looking at the source code of your website. If you can understand HTML, then you should be able to figure out what it is that makes the Google page rank determine where your website fits on the search engine results page. Once you have the basic understanding of the inner workings of the Google search engine, the sky is really the limit for what kind of information you can find out about your website.

The first thing that happens in the Google ranking process is that Google updates the page rank whenever it finds a new update available. There are a couple different types of updates that happen with your website and each has a specific reason behind them. One reason may be to improve the ranking of a site that is new and has not been around long enough to get a good page rank. Another reason could be that the ranking of your site could be artificially low because your website has certain keywords in it that are not relevant to the content of your site. That in itself would cause the ranking of your website to drop and you would need to remedy that situation.

After the Google update that brought about page rank ranking fluctuation, the search engines began to rank the websites differently. Before long, search engine users became more accustomed to the new rankings and they started making more of an effort to search for specific keywords to bring up the ranks of sites that were experiencing a drop in their page rank. Search engines had found a way to make the ranking of a website more closely related to the content of the site itself. As a result, many website owners had to scramble to add relevant keywords to their websites to bring back some measure of success. While this is not necessarily bad news, it is something you will need to keep in mind whenever you are thinking about how to check google position ranking.

You may decide that you want to go with some sort of automated tool that can check the position ranking for you. However, there is still the issue of the human factor involved in this. No matter what system you use to check this, you would still have to manually verify that it is currently working properly.

In order to automate the process, you would need to have access to a program like Google Analytics. You should also have access to the source code so you could manually check the text used in the source code to verify the keyword density of the website. It is very difficult to check the source code of every single website that you want to rank so you would have to pick and choose your sites one at a time and try to manually verify the keyword placement for each site that you want to check. There would still be a significant amount of work that you need to do in order to do this effectively.

In summary, there are two ways that you could check the position of your website in Google. You could either use a program like Google Analytics or you could log in manually to Google. If you have access to the source codes of your websites, then you could choose to use a program like Google Analytics to check the position. However, the main thing that you need to do is make sure that you do not go beyond your capabilities and do not do something that could easily break your site. This is your main goal when it comes to SEO and you do not want to make any mistakes.