Why Should We Rent a Dower?

The traditional way to pay for a dowry is by giving the bride’s family an amount of money. This money could be in the form of a present or a loan. If the bride’s family has a lot of money, it would be easy to get the required dowry. However, if the family does not have that much money, there would be some difficulty in getting it as the money is going to the dowry and not the family itself. Thus, this tradition is no longer in use these days because it has been replaced with the new one – the dowry payment.

The dowry payment refers to the money paid by the groom’s family to the bride’s family. It is not really required and is not legally binding but is still a part of the ceremony. There are many reasons why the groom’s family pays the dowry to the bride’s family.

First of all, the bride’s family has to prove its legitimacy before the groom’s family so that the marriage will take place. It is quite common to find dowries paid to the family of the bride even though she is already married. There can be several reasons why the groom’s family has to pay this dowry.

Some other reason to give the dowry payment เช่าสินสอด is when the groom’s family wants to buy the bride and wants the money from the bride’s family. This is often done before the wedding and the bride’s family also has to pay a fee to the bridegroom. In order to pay the fee, the bride’s family gets the dowry as payment. The money received from the bridegroom’s family is transferred to the bridegroom’s family, who then pays the dowry. There are many reasons for the dowry to be given to the bridegroom’s family and it does not necessarily have to be the bridegroom’s family paying the dowry.

It can be the bridegroom’s brother or father who pays it. The bride is the one who takes the responsibility of collecting the money from the groom’s family for making the dowry payment and it is not the bride who does this task. But the mother or sisters of the bride usually handle the money and take care of the payment.

A dowry payment is also made by a third party. This would be the bride’s relatives who have financial problems. It is often the sister who helps her relatives in collecting the money from the bride’s family but sometimes she does it herself. In this case, the relatives to pay for the money in order to cover all the expenses incurred in paying the dowry to the bride’s family.